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At Ark Market Research, our core principles revolve around growth, sustainability, and transformation.

We are a fresh market research company offering innovative business intelligence solutions to our clients. Our main priorities are providing outstanding customer service and ensuring top-notch quality in everything we deliver. Here, we specialize in crafting digital solutions designed for the future, empowering businesses to thrive in the present.

  • Our culture:

    Together, our shared beliefs are crucial in creating the unity necessary for us to offer unmatched, ethically sound, and entirely dependable global data collection solutions.

  • Our Mission, Vision and Purpose:

    At Ark Market Research, we take pride in being a client-focused organization, serving as the preferred partner and trusted resource for numerous companies. We're dedicated to meeting your needs with top-notch service that offers excellent value for your investment. Our commitment to transparency and flexibility enables us to achieve outstanding results together.


Support client success

Our passion for excellence is at the core of everything we do. It drives us to continuously raise the bar, exceed expectations, and deliver exceptional results to our clients.

Practical Ideas

Creative thinking is ingrained in our approach. We excel at translating data and insights into innovative solutions that tackle business challenges head-on. Our blend of business acumen and imaginative thinking allows us to uncover unique opportunities and drive meaningful change for our clients.

Dynamic solutions

At Ark Market Research, we thrive on generating brighter ideas. In a world of constant change, we're perpetually prepared with fresh and dynamic solutions to tackle emerging challenges head-on.


Our driving force is the ambition to revolutionize market research data collection and analysis. By fostering innovation, we're able to provide end-to-end research project management services that push the boundaries and offer unique solutions beyond the conventional approach.

We offer a wide range of services, including:

Ark Market Research remains at the forefront of the market research field by employing state-of-the-art quantitative research methods and cutting-edge technologies.

Quantitative research involves gathering numerical data to analyze trends in group behaviour. It's instrumental in not only identifying patterns but also in understanding the underlying reasons behind specific phenomena or occurrences.

We apply various quantitative research methods, such as:

  • Online surveys, polls, panels, and interviews.
  • Pencil and paper questionnaires
  • In-depth face-to-face and group discussions

Indeed, employing these meticulous methodologies enables us to precisely target specific audiences or demographics, resulting in the generation of a wealth of numerical research data.
Through our comprehensive research and strategic insights, clients experience heightened customer satisfaction, enhanced decision-making capabilities, revamped product placement strategies, and the evolution of their businesses and services to meet ever-changing market demands.
With our online quantitative research methods, we offer the flexibility to collect data from anywhere, at any time, providing instant access to valuable insights.

Through our online research platform, we conduct in-depth data collection in real-time, empowering our clients with comprehensive insights readily available at their fingertips. Utilizing online panels, surveys, questionnaires, interviews, and other tools, we customize and optimize our market research solutions to deliver the precise results our clients require. The rich data obtained from our research has the power to rejuvenate products or brands and drive the growth of businesses and industries. Additionally, our online research services can revolutionize marketing strategies and customer interactions, fostering deeper engagement with consumers both locally and globally.

  • Business-to-Business Service

    By leveraging our research services, you gain a deeper understanding of your industry, consumers, and competitors, enabling you to align your business goals effectively. Furthermore, you can: Measure and address evolving consumer needs Uncover innovative business opportunities Develop more effective business and marketing strategies Gain a competitive advantage by accessing real-time industry and consumer insights By entrusting your online research requirements to Ark Market Research, you can benefit from our expertise and comprehensive services. We'll handle every aspect, from designing and conducting surveys to analyzing and presenting the data. This allows you to focus on leveraging the insights to drive your business forward.

  • Business-to-consumer Service

    With our diverse range of market research methods and tools, we excel at uncovering the essence of consumer behaviours. This empowers us to deliver: Customized online research solutions utilizing various techniques Comprehensive qualitative research paired with quantitative data collection Local and global online surveys, panels, and interviews, tailored to demographic and dynamic needs Invaluable consumer research data that fuels the growth and sustainability of businesses and products

  • Healthcare

    We specialize in conducting world-class online surveys tailored for patients, medications, healthcare professionals, and providers. Together, we can research, measure, and enhance various aspects including: Customer and patient satisfaction Healthcare branding effectiveness Communication strategies Market reach and penetration Segmentation analysis Market assessments to identify opportunities and challenges From evaluating your business's uniqueness and appeal to assessing customer affinity towards your brand and testing products, we're equipped to map your consumer's journey comprehensively. With our customized online research services and solutions, we can help you surpass competitors and shine brightly in the market.

Ark Market Research stands out for its expertise in B2B market research and market intelligence.

Through our market research survey panels, we provide comprehensive insights and robust information about the market. Our innovative recruitment strategy and advanced profiling techniques enable us to reach even the most niche target audiences globally. With our team of experts boasting years of experience in B2B market research, we have successfully executed numerous research projects worldwide.

Trust us to transform your market research data into actionable strategies for success.

Whether your target audience includes chief marketing officers or machinery and manufacturing dealers, you can count on us to track their behavior effectively. We specialize in designing qualitative research approaches tailored to your specific audience, ensuring that you gain the most valuable insights to drive your business forward.

At Ark Market Research, we approach the creation and upkeep of professional research panels with pure passion and unwavering purpose.

Ark Research is dedicated to recruiting, validating, and nurturing ideal panel participants and processes. We meticulously craft each panel process to meet our clients' precise specifications, guaranteeing high participation rates, ethical data collection practices, and swift analysis of results.

At Ark Market Research, our passion for market research is matched only by our commitment to data security. Here's how we ensure the integrity and confidentiality of our research:

  • Encrypted and encoded data collection methods
  • Anonymity of panellists
  • Ethically sourced participants
  • Double opt-in method
  • Continuous profiling
  • Monitoring for bad practices

Ark Market Research remains at the forefront of the market research field by employing state-of-the-art qualitative research methods and cutting-edge technologies.

Ark Market Research boasts extensive experience and a sterling reputation for providing cutting-edge qualitative research services. From in-depth interviews to focus groups, ethnography to audits, diaries to usability tests, shop-alongs to bulletin boards—whatever your research needs, we have the expertise to deliver globally. We pride ourselves on our ability to reach even the most elusive demographics, with a proven track record of success. Whether you have a clear project plan in mind or require guidance in selecting the best approach, Ark Market Research works closely with you to ensure optimal results from project inception to completion. Utilizing the latest and most robust technology available, we guarantee that your qualitative research project yields the actionable insights you seek.

Daniel S.


When operating within a mid-sized agency, reliable partners are paramount. Ark Market Research epitomizes the ideal partner. They seamlessly integrate themselves into Quant research projects, offering unwavering support, insightful brainstorming, and valuable suggestions. Our team relies on their expertise to reach diverse audiences, devise innovative research strategies, and enhance our presentation prowess. Without Ark Market Research, our success across numerous clients would not have been possible.

Deepak K.

Account Manager

Having worked closely with ARK Market Research as our Account Manager, I can confidently say that their depth of experience and strategic acumen significantly contributed to our company's success. Their data-driven approach, coupled with a keen eye for market trends, resulted in surpassing our business objectives. Their SWOT-based analysis proved instrumental, propelling our business growth by an impressive 20%. ARK Market Research is a consummate professional whose insights and dedication are invaluable assets to any organization.

Gautam Sharma

Sales Manager

Working at ARK Market Research has been an exhilarating journey that continually challenges and empowers me. As a sales professional, I've found ARK to be a dynamic environment where creativity and innovation are not only encouraged but celebrated. The leadership team's unwavering support and the company's commitment to excellence have enabled me to excel in driving sales and fostering lasting client relationships. ARK Market Research isn't just a workplace; it's a community of passionate individuals dedicated to pushing the boundaries of market research. I'm proud to be a part of such a forward-thinking organization.

Tanya Shahi

Senior Project Manager

As a Senior Project Manager at ARK Market Research, I've experienced unparalleled support, innovation, and professionalism. The team's dedication to excellence is unmatched, ensuring every project is executed with precision and efficiency. ARK's commitment to staying at the forefront of market research technology empowers me to deliver exceptional results to our clients consistently. It's truly a privilege to be part of such a dynamic and forward-thinking organization.


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